Our Story

                       Woman with dark hair, white top and black dungarees holding a candle and smelling it

At The Natural Journey Company, we aim to nurture through luxury, natural aromatherapy products and empower you to look after your own wellbeing. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly practice is at the core of our work. We use suppliers that source and produce ingredients sustainably, in ways that are as kind to our planet as possible.

We research and use packaging that has the least impact on the environment, for example through biodegradable box fillings and labels, and tape that can be recycled. We aim to be mindful from the start to finish of our products, in the developing, selecting ingredients, hand-making them with care and attention, and lastly sending them out to you.

How did we get here?

As a qualified Clinical Psychologist, emotional health has always been key to me. Having dealt with stress and burnout in my career, when lockdown came along, it gave me the space to experiment with more holistic ways of taking care of myself. 

This was paired with a family history of breast cancer, and having to educate ourselves particularly around toxic ingredients in home and skincare products.

This grew into a passion to help other women's wellbeing in a natural and holistic way, and give back to communities so we can all benefit. 

I'm so grateful that you're here as part of our journey. 

Sarah x