Scenting Your Autumn

Scenting Your Autumn

Trees in background, autumn coloured leaves flying up with the wind in the foreground

As we sink deeper into autumn, we find the seasonal changes affecting our lives in so many ways, from the foods we eat, to the clothes we wear, and the scents that we like to have around us at this time of year. 

The change of season often puts us in the mood for warmth and comfort, time to snuggle up with soft blankets, cosy in front of the fire. And if we venture outside when the wind and rain abates, there's a crispness to the often misty air, with yellowing leaves underfoot and a heady, foresty scent to the trees. 

Capturing Autumn's Scent with Essential Oils

Of the natural essential oils that can capture the essence of autumn, we have listed below some of our favourites and their associated benefits:


A well known and loved warming, spicy, scent, it was previously used by the ancient Egyptians as a foot massage oil. Extremely effective from warming, it also helps to boost circulation and balance emotions. 


Clove is another wonderful warming oil which can be used to aid feelings of comfort and relaxation. Beautiful in the air, Clove can be diffused to help purify the immediate environment.


One of our favourites here at The Mindful Apothecary, Cedarwood is wonderful for adding a comforting, woody aroma, which also helps to ease tension and lift lethargy which can often creep up on us in the colder months. It is wonderful at helping to ground our emotions when life feels overwhelming. If you are buying Cedarwood Atlas, make sure to look for oil that has been sustainably harvested. 


Nutmeg oil is extracted from the seed of the nutmeg tree and the oil is prized along with the spice often used in cooking. This musky, spicy aroma can provide us with balance and its sedative inducing properties can be a great stress and sleep support. 

How to get the benefits of Autumn essential oils

The oils listed above can be great supports during the autumn season. You can use them well diluted in a carrier oil, in an aromatherapy roll on for your pulse-points, as an elixir for the bath, diffused around your house, or else in natural soy candles dotted around the house.

Looking for the perfect warming, comforting candle? Have a look at our best-selling Blanket scent on our products page. 



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