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Essential oils to manage stress

In our busy culture, everyday stress has sadly become a normal part of our lives. It can be so ingrained in us and the world around us that often we don't even notice when our stress levels are creeping higher and higher. 

What are the first signs of stress?

The first signs of stress often show up in a physical way, for example noticing that our heart is beating fasting, our breathing is shallower or we can't sleep as well. Cognitive effects also feature highly, such as having a racing mind, not being able to think or problem-solve clearly and starting to snap and get irritated at those around us. 

Natural ways to calm your stress response

Once you've become aware that your stress levels are too high, you can start doing something about it, and it doesn't all have to be medication. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that have long been used to safely calm the stress response, so you can think clear, feel well in your body and cope more effectively with the demands on you. 

Some of our favourite stress reducing essential oils are clary sage, lavender and ylang ylang.

Clary Sage

This herbaceous and sweet oil has long been used to calm the nerves and lift mood. It has been shown in research to help slow the breathing rate and lower the blood pressure of women undergoing medical assessment. It's also great for the cognitive effects of stress, helping the make the mind clearer and more alert. 

How to use:  Add 5-6 drops of clary sage to a tablespoon of base carrier oil and disperse in a bath for stress reduction. 

You can find clary sage in our Retreat candle blend.


Lavender oil is often regarded as the holy grail in calming essential oils, and for good reason. Its beautiful floral scent has been well researched, with results showing that it is highly effective for lowering stress hormones, improving the quality of sleep and calming the nervous system.

How to use: Add up to 10 drops of lavender essential oils to a tablespoon of base carrier oil and apply to pulse-point such as wrists and temples. 

You can find lavender essential oil in some of our candles and pulse-point survival kit scents.

Ylang ylang

This is another floral essential oil that can have a powerful impact on stress levels. With a rich, sweet and exotic floral scent, even just small amounts of this oil can help to ease feelings of stress and anxiety through lowering breathing rate and blood pressure. As it can help sedate, this is a particularly good oil for stress induced sleep problems and stress-related anxiety also. 

How to use: Add 1-2 drops to 2 tablespoons of base carrier oil and use as a sleep-inducing pre-bedtime massage oil.

You can find ylang ylang essential oil in Slumber, our peaceful sleep candle.

Do you use these oils to help manage stress already? We've loved to hear what you think, if you use these or other ones. 

Remember not to use essential oil undiluted on the skin as these cause irritation. 

Wishing calm and well times, 

Sarah x


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