Cherry Blossom for Springtime

Cherry Blossom for Springtime

Of all the times I've sat staring at the gorgeous cherry tree in bloom in our garden, I've only recently found out that the blossom is edible and you can have this in a tea. And, naturally, it's a favourite in Japan.

Along with the time in which they flower, Cherry Blossom is said to symbolise rebirth and renewal and overall new beginnings when they bloom in spring. In Japan when they are grown prolifically, they are celebrated with a Cherry Blossom festival (hanami) which reflects on the impermanent, but beautiful nature of the blossom. 

Cherry Blossom is known to provide health benefits such as lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol, and increasing the good kind. It is said to be helpful overall for heart health. In terms of the taste some say it is similar has a salt and sour flavour with hints of apricot and almond. Try it for yourself below, just make sure you know what kind of Cherry Blossom you have, as some kinds (such as Prunus laurocerasus) are not edible. 

How to make fresh Cherry Blossom tea:

- Gather 2-3 flowers

- Carefully wash under running water, ensuring that the blossom is still intact for the tea.

- Steep in hot (not boiling) water for up to 30 seconds. Let the flowers gently unfurl. 

- Remove the flowers and pour yourself a wonderful tea! Add honey or salt as needed.  

Enjoy & let me know what you think! 

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